Using Boolean Operators

Boolean search operators are conjunctive words like OR, AND, and NOT that allow you to search on a combination of search terms within the same field. Quotation marks (") also act as search operators in ZoomInfo, but they are only useful in very unique circumstances described below.

Use the OR operator when you want either of the keywords or phrases to appear in your search results. Examples: Title: Marketing OR Advertising

Company Name: Microsoft OR IBM

Industry: software OR technology

Use the AND operator when you want all keywords to appear in your search results. Please remember that putting a space between two or more words in a search phrase will automatically imply an AND statement (ex: Database AND Administrator is the same as entering Database Administrator).

Note: When using the AND operator in conjunction with the OR operator, please note that the operator OR completely separates a keyword from any that appear before or after it.

Example: If you enter Manager OR Director AND Marketing in the “Job Title” field, your results will have titles that include Manager, such as Sales Manager, and titles that include both Director and Marketing, such as Marketing Director, but your search results would not include titles of both Marketing and Manager unless you edited your search criteria to Manager AND Marketing OR Director AND Marketing.

Use the NOT operator to exclude people or companies from your search. Type the keywords you want eliminated from your search results directly after the NOT operator. Some examples are below:

Title: VP NOT Sales - will not return Vice President of Sales, but will return all other VPs including VPs of Business Development.

Company Name: Harris NOT Bank - will not return Harris Bank Corp.

Industry: engineering NOT genetic - will not return Genetic Engineering.

College/Degree: Science NOT Computer - will not return Computer Science.

Note: The OR operator completely separates a keyword operator from any that appear before or after it.

Example: The search phrase VP OR Director OR Manager NOT Sales will return numerous VPs of Sales and Directors of Sales because the phrase NOT Sales only affected the search term Manager. To completely filter a word or phrase from your results, type the NOT phrase after every search term you want modified in your search string: VP NOT Sales OR Director NOT Sales OR Manager NOT Sales.

Use Quotation marks (") to search on terms exactly as typed. Quotation marks preserve exact data style and order. Some examples are below:

Job Title: Marketing Director would prevent you from seeing anyone with the title Director of Marketing.

Company Name: Boston Search will return Boston Search Group, but not Boston Professional Search.

Industry: Online services will return companies that provide Internet services, but not companies that operate on the Internet and have generic services for sale.

Degree/Area of Study: Aeronautical engineering will return aeronautical engineering, but not aeronautical systems engineering.

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