Company Search Results

In the standard list view on the ZoomInfo search results page, you will see two columns describing the companies you have retrieved: Company Information and Description. If a company listed in your results has been acquired by another company, that information will be listed in parenthesis next to the company name.

Sorting & Filtering 
Use the Sort Order drop down menu above your results to sort by RelevanceRevenueNumber of Employees, or Name (A-Z).

Use the 'Company Status' drop down menu to include or exclude Defunct Companies. A Defunct company is a company that ZoomInfo has determined to no longer be in business.

Viewing multiple results pages

Click ‘Next’ at the top right and bottom to view the next page of results. You can view the first 100 pages of results, or 2,500 profiles.

Selecting a Profile
To select a profile, click on the checkbox to the left of the company name. To select all profiles on a page of search results, click the checkbox next to the range of profiles.
You can also clear your selections by clicking Deselect in the toolbar just above the ‘Sort Order’ dropdown.

Find People
The ‘Find People’ feature allows you to search for employees within companies in your results. After selecting companies you want to target, click ‘Find People’ to search for employees of those companies. You can then refine the results by editing your search criteria on the left.

NOTE: You can find people by selecting up to 25 companies.

Add to List
Click ‘Add to List’ to save selected records into a new or existing list. You can access these lists at a later date by clicking the My Lists tab at the top of the page. You can select a maximum of 2,500 records to add to a List, and each list can contain 5,000 records.

Clicking ‘Export’ allows you to export one or more selected records from ZoomInfo in a spreadsheet format. See Exporting for more information.

Save Search
Clicking ‘Save Search’ will allow you to save the search criteria you used to build your list. You can save up to 75 searches in ZoomInfo Pro. The difference between ‘Save Search’ and ‘Add to List’ is that ‘Save Search’ saves your criteria, while ‘Add to List’ saves the selected records.

You can also set one search as your Default Search. The Default Search will automatically run each time you sign in to ZoomInfo Pro. You can also run the Default Search by clicking on the ZoomInfo logo in the upper left corner of the page. To set your Default Search, click ‘Save Search’ and give your search a name. Before clicking ‘Save’ at the bottom, check the box next to where it says Make this your default search?. To remove your default search, hover over ‘My Saved Searches’ in the upper left corner and identify the search with the asterisk (*) next to it. Click the gray pencil to the right and uncheck Make this your default search?.

Click ‘Print’ to create a printer-friendly version of the results that can be printed using your web browser's print function.

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