People Profiles

People profiles are automatically generated using information found on public web pages, contributed by users in our community and from the individuals themselves. Profiles can contain the person’s contact information, current and former title and employer(s), picture, education, certifications and web references. Each profile will include a date indicating when ZoomInfo last updated it, as well as the sources used.

Connect only:

'Click to view contact info' will reveal the contact information on the profile, using a credit to do so.

A number of tools are available at the top of every people profile:Find Network

Click ‘Find Network’ to display a new set of search results containing people who have worked at the same companies as the person you are viewing.

Add to List
Click ‘Add to List’ to save the record into a new or existing list. You can access these lists at a later date by clicking the My Lists tab at the top of the ZoomInfo Pro page.

Set Alert
Click ‘Set Alert’ to be alerted when employment changes occur to the person. See Using Alerts for more information.

Click 'Print' to create a printer-friendly version of the ZoomInfo summary that can be printed using your web browser's print function.

Social Media Links

The Share This Profile buttons will allow you to post a link to the ZoomInfo profile to sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.The Find This Person On buttons will take you directly to a list of search results in LinkedIn or Facebook. Not every person listed in ZoomInfo will have profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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