Exporting - General Information

Clicking ‘Export’ allows you to export one or more selected records from ZoomInfo in a spreadsheet format. After selecting profiles, click ‘Export’ and a box will appear with three exporting selections: 

A list of will produce a random selection of entries from your search.

All will export all records.

If you wish to include records you have exported previously in the last six months, click the box that says Include previously exported records.

To retrieve your export file, click the My Lists tab at the top. 

Note: The maximum number of records that can be exported at one time is 100,000.

Note: The 97-2003 version of Microsoft Excel supports a maximum of 65,536 rows/records. If you are using this version of Excel, please ensure that your list has fewer than 65,536 records. 

Note: Not all ZoomInfo subscribers have access to the export function. Those who have purchased the export function will have a specific number of export credits available, based on your ZoomInfo subscription.

If you try to export and receive an error message telling you that there are no records available for export, please contact your ZoomInfo account representative directly or the ZoomInfo Sales team at 866.904.9666.

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