Account Page

Account Information

Click the ‘Edit’ button to change your Name, Title, Department or Phone.

Your password can be changed by clicking the ‘Change Password’ button and entering your old password and the new one you prefer to use.  

Account Preferences
You can change your Account Preferences to place the 'Full Name' keyword field at the very top of your search, rather than in the Person Advanced Criteria. To change this setting click ‘Edit’ and then check the box that says Show Full Name search field at top:. When you return to your search page, you will see the 'Full Name' keyword field at the very top.

Export Activity
This will display the number of export credits you have remaining.

Your Activity
This will display the number of times you have accessed ZoomInfo and the date your account was created.

Connect with
To utilize the ZoomInfo for Salesforce application you will need an API key that must be retrieved here. You can download the application by going to the appexchange and searching for 'ZoomInfo'. Please be sure to go to the ‘Details’ tab to download the 'ZoomInfo for Salesforce Customization Guide' which walks you through the entire setup process.

Billing Information
This section will be visible if you are a ZoomInfo Connect subscriber.  Here you can update billing information, view recent invoices and cancel your subscription.  When you cancel your subscription your account will remain active through the end of the billing period.

Manage Account
This section will be visible if you have chosen to make payment(s) for an annual ZoomInfo Pro subscription via our website.

Click ‘Change Email’ to change the username used to access your ZoomInfo account.Click ‘Make Payment’ and enter your credit card information.‘Payment schedule’ indicates when your payments will be processed.

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