Client Administration

ZoomInfo’s client administration features allow you to control the details of your account such as adding new users, managing credit limits, resetting passwords, and creating groups of users. Below is a brief tutorial on how to complete a few common tasks.


The client admin dashboard gives you an overview of your account. 

The “Credits” table shows you the total number of credits your organization has, how many you’ve used, and the amount of credits available.

The “Seats” table allows you to see how many ZoomInfo seats you’ve purchased, how many you’ve used, and how many are left. Each seat equals one user. If your company has purchased several different products, each will have a row in this table showing the seat usage for each of the products.

The "Usage Summary" graph depicts the overall number of credits used by month. Below are three additional graphs. One depicts the top 10 users with the highest credit usage. The second shows credit usage by product, and the third (not pictured here), depicts contact views by product.

You may choose to display data from the following time periods

  • Last week
  • Last 2 weeks
  • Month to date
  • Quarter to date 
  • Year to date
  • Custom

Along the upper left-hand side of your screen, you'll see a short table of contents that you can use to navigate between the various tools in the client admin. These tools are found on the Dashboard page, the Users page, and the Groups page. 


The Users page allows you to edit user details. At the top of the page is a gray bar with two buttons: "Add User" and"Add Multiple Users." Below that, you will see a menu with several actions listed, including "Assign Group," "Change product", "Manage Limit," "Reset Usage," "Reset Password," and "Deactivate User." All of these actions can be performed in bulk by first selecting multiple users and then clicking the appropriate button.

User Actions

To add a user, follow the steps below:

1. Click the "Add User" button.

2. Fill in the user's details and remember to assign them a product. From this page, you can also add the user to a group you previously created, set a credit limit, and assign admin status. When you're finished, click create.

To deactivate a user:

1. Select a user from the table by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name

2. Then click "Deactivate User," which is located in the gray menu bar above the user table. 

To change a product:

1. Select a user from the table

2. Click "Change Product"

3. Select a product from the drop down menu and click "Submit"

To Manage Limits, Reset Passwords, Reset Usage, and Export as CSV:

1. Select a user (or users) from the table

2. Click the appropriate button in the menu bar


The Groups page allows you to see the groups you’ve created, the number of users in each group and the last time the group was modified.

Group Actions

To create a group:

1. Click "Add Group"

2. Fill in the group details. Don't forget to set a credit limits and terms

3. Click Create

To edit a group:

1. Select the appropriate group by clicking on its name

2. Click the "Edit" button at the top of the page.

To delete a group:

1. Select a group from the table

2. Click "Delete"

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