On the next step of the Build tool, add location filters to create a list of people and companies located in a specific US State or metro region, Canadian Province or metro region, Australia, UK, or US ZIP Code. If your goals for this list are unconnected to geographic locations, you can skip this step and continue to preview the final contents of your list.

Metro Region / State / Country
Click the arrows to the left of US States, US Metro Regions, Canadian Provinces and Canadian Metro Regions to expand.

To de-activate criteria simply click on it so it is no longer checked.  

Note: Selecting a metro region could return locations beyond the state’s borders.

City / State

Use this field to find people in specific cities and/or states.

  • Enter just a city, for example Boston
  • Enter just a state, Massachusetts
  • Enter a city and state, Boston, MA
  • To search a metro region enter just a city, Boston
  • Enter just a country, France
  • Enter a city and a country, for example, Paris, France


1. Please note, selecting a metro region could return locations beyond the state's borders.

2. Spelling out the name of states and countries rather than abbreviating them will produce the best results.

US ZIP Code with Radius

Use this field to find people in specific ZIP Codes. Please note, you may search more than one zip code at a time. The zip code field supports up to 2,000 characters.You can search in a radius of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 250 miles using the drop-down menu.

Tip: Search on multiple ZIP Codes using the word or.  For example, you can enter 02452 or 02135 or 02108 in the ‘US ZIP Code with Radius’ field.

Note: At the present time, you cannot use Canadian postal codes.

Note: If you are searching multiple zip codes with a radius, your query may produce an error. This is due to a combination of the filters you previously selected and the location requirements you have set. If you receive an error, ZoomInfo suggests removing the radius and submitting your query again.

Use the radio buttons to return records where:

  • Either the person or the company headquarters is at the selected location (the person could be located elsewhere such as a branch),
  • Both the person and the company HQ is at the selected location,
  • The person is at the selected location, regardless of where the company HQ is located,
  • The person is employed by a company whose HQ is at the selected location, but the person could be located elsewhere such as a branch.

Note: Person is at selected location will only return people for whom ZoomInfo has evidence they are in the selected location, and ZoomInfo does not have this information for all people.

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