The third step of Build, allows you to specify the types of companies you want to appear on your list. You can filter by industry, revenue and number of employees. Every record on your list will be connected to a company that matches the requirements you submit on this page.

Note: This step will not be available if you have used a Match file.

Selected Industries:

Select the industries you desire from our comprehensive list. When you make a selection, ZoomInfo will find companies that match your selection through a comprehensive system of keywords and context.

Click the arrow to the left of each category to expand the selection for even more specific industries.

Tip: Select multiple industries to broaden your search results.

Industry Classification Codes:

You can also search with SIC and NAICS codes. For example, if you were looking for companies that do food distribution you could enter 5141 in the field. If you want to search multiple codes at a time separate each code by the word OR (ex. 5141 or 5142 or 5141 or 5144 or 5145 or 5146 or 5147 or 5148 or 5149). 

Selected Industry Keywords:

Enter the keywords of the industry you'd like to target. Try to use words or phrases that describe the products and services offered by the company.While ZoomInfo will include similar industries by default, it is to your benefit to include a variety of terms separated by OR to broaden your search ( or virtualization). 

Tip: If you find that you are getting unexpected results, try using quotation marks around keywords to treat them as an exact phrase. For example, "online services" may give you better results than online services

Other Company Filters:


Use the left and right sliders to search for companies based on a minimum and maximum revenue range.


Use the left and right sliders to search for companies based on a minimum and maximum employee count range.

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