The People tab of the Build tool allows you to select the types of contacts you want included in your list. You can filter by management level, job function, keyword, and time period the contact record was last updated.  

Management Levels 
Use this filter to include only contacts that fall within a specific level of corporate hierarchy. You may select more than one option.

C-Level will limit your results to people at the Chief, President, Owner or Founder level.

VP-Level will limit your results to people at the Vice President level.

Director will limit your results to people at the Director level.

Manager will limit your results to people at the Manager level.

Non-Manager will find employees with whose titles do not contain hierarchical terms.

Note: People who lack titles will not appear in any search where a Management Level selection is made.

Selected Job Functions
Browse the directory of 'Selected Job Functions' and pick categories or sub-categories that describe the roles that you want to appear on your list. Click the blue arrow to the left of a Job Function to see sub-categories.

Selected Job Title Keywords
To bring back niche titles, you can use the ‘Job Title’ field to enter one or more keywords or key phrases that describe target people. You can use the operator OR between multiple keywords or key phrases to maximize your search results, e.g. logistics OR procurement.

Last Update 
Use 'Last Update' to limit your results to people whose information has been updated within a selected period of time.
As you make your selections, you will see your criteria appear in the right-hand column of the wizard. To continue to the next step, click the arrow to the right or click the next relevant menu item in the wizard.

Tip: Use the ’Selected Job Functions’ in conjunction with the ‘Selected Job Title Keywords’ field for an even more specific search. Examples:

  • Advertising Consultants: Advertising in the search field plus Consultants from the Job Function categories.
  • Aerospace Engineer: Aerospace in the search field plus Engineering from the Job Function categories.

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