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ZoomInfo will send you an email alert when the report is ready for you to view. Click the link in the email alert to access the report within your account. You may be prompted to enter your ZoomInfo username and password before you can view the report.

View File Analysis

A gap analysis will be presented as a bar graph with the most critical data fields presented on the left. The data in your existing file is presented in blue, and any data appended to your file is presented in orange. You can hover over any part of the graph to see the raw numbers of records associated with your file, and click any row in the graph to see insights about that data field and how you can improve your processes and drive more revenue with your enhanced file.

View Applied Filters

Allows you to see the filters you chose to apply when submitting your file.Match Rate

Indicates the number and percentage of records from your file we were able to find a match for in our database.List Preview

Allows you to see a sample of the records in your file that ZoomInfo Enhanced. Blue text indicates data that ZoomInfo has enhanced, while black text represents your original data.

Note: Direct phone numbers and emails are masked.Download your List

Click 'Go to List' which will take you to the My Lists Details page where you can click the orange 'Redeem' button to complete your purchase.

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