What's New in 2.0?

Contact Search and Company Search are now separated. This allows you to focus on refining your filters specifically to a company or a person, allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns based on your ideal prospects.

Our Build feature is now a part of search! You can build a list from Contact or Company Search by simply hitting the export to excel button. Streamline your workflow by using the same tool.

A new filter under Contact and Company Search is Technology Products. Using this filter, you can know what tools or applications your prospects or current accounts use to successfully run their business, as well as understand their major technology pain points.

With ZoomInfo 2.0 you can now export information as a contact to Salesforce.

Using Target Accounts, you can upload a list of companies, and we will return all the contacts we have at those companies. Target Accounts allows you to create highly targeted and successful account based marketing campaigns. 

From here, you can filter with the same criteria from search, and see the results updated in real time before exporting your list. This will help you to hone in on how you want to refine your list. 

Use the same filters all the time? You can open your saved searches in Target Accounts as well!

Check out the Enhance tool with our new Enhance Preview and Data Profile. Using Enhance Preview, easily check the health of your database in terms of data quality score, data improvement rate and targeting accuracy to see where ZoomInfo can help. In addition, you can analyze your database and replicate success fueling your campaigns with your best buyers using Data Profiles.

The Admin Portal now has the ability for you to set up Custom Mapping. Decrease time to action with complete information and better lead scoring your team needs right at their fingertips.

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