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If you are looking to search for a specific contact or contacts that meet a certain set of criteria, you can use the Contact Search tool on the left hand navigation bar. 

Some filters are text boxes, in which you can type specific criteria. 

  • Some text boxes allow you to search with any keyword you like. To search, simply type the keyword you are looking for, and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon. From here, you can either select the option you are looking for, or if you don't see it in the dropdown, continue typing your criteria and then hit enter. (Full Name, Company Name/URL/Ticker, Job Title, Location, Industry)
  • Other text boxes correspond to the pick-list (see below for more information about pick-lists) beneath them, and are there to make it easier for you to find categories within the list.  To search, start typing the category you are looking for, and click on the corresponding category when it appears in the dropdown. (Job Function, Technology , Company Attributes)

ZoomInfo will then populate results of matches based on the criteria entered, and you will see the search chips next to the number of results. You can remove these search chips at any time by selecting the "x" on the chip. Additionally, you can clear the entire search by selecting the "Clear" button to the left of your search chips. 

Other types of filters include a pick-list, where you can expand categories by selecting the "+" icon, and checking the boxes of the criteria you are looking for. In the example below, checking "CA - Provinces" will select every province in the list, "International," every country in our database, etc.

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