Exporting Contact Details

The contact search tool provides three export options:  export to Salesforce as a lead or contact, export contact as a CSV file,  and email contact as an Outlook contact card.

To export a contact, click the checkbox next to the contact’s profile, then click the appropriate export icon located above your search results. You will be charged one credit per contact that you export, unless you have already added that contact to My Contacts. 

If you select export to Salesforce, but you have not already connected your Salesforce account to ZoomInfo, you will be prompted to enter your Salesforce credentials and security token. For information on how to find your security token, see this article from Salesforce.

Exporting with Excel

When you choose to excel as you export option, you will be presented with a modal asking for additional information. For excel, if you do not click a checkbox for any contacts, ZoomInfo will go through the workflow of exporting all your contacts from the search results (limit of 500,000 contacts)

From here you will name your list, and provide a description (optional). Some of the quick features of building a list include automatic suppression and downloadable preview file. 

Select the checkbox for include preview file if you would like to be able to view an excel spreadsheet preview before you purchase your list. From this preview, you can make edits on the contacts you would like to purchase or not

Automatic suppression suppresses against any purchases (with credits) in ZoomInfo within the last 6 months. Please note, this does not include purchase made in the ZoomInfo Plugin for Salesforce, but DOES include purchases made in Reachout. 

If you would like to include additional suppression lists, make sure your list has a name, and then select the "Advanced" button.

From this page you can select a file from My Lists or choose to upload a file. 

Selecting next, will bring you to the section where you can limit your lists. From here you can limit results to a number per company, or based on the entire list. 

When you are completed with the list building steps, and you select export, you will receive a confirmation modal letting you know that you will receive an email when your list it ready. 

Please note: Exporting a list to excel from Contact Search will not charge you credits. When you redeem that list, you will then be charged credits. 

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