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The Company Search tool allows you to refine your company  search based on a variety of different criteria including company name, industry keywords, location, and much more. 

Some filters are are text boxes, and as you start typing ZoomInfo will populate a list of options. From here, you can either select the option you are looking for, or if you don't see it in the dropdown, continue typing your criteria and then hit enter. 

After selecting your criteria, you will see each search term displayed as a search bubble at the top of the list on the right. Once you make a selection, ZoomInfo will find companies that match your selection through a comprehensive  system of keywords and context. The list of companies populating on the  right updates in real time based on your search criteria.

To  de-activate criteria, simply click X next to the associated search  bubble, this will update the search results. To remove all current  search criteria at once, click the “Clear” button at the top of the  search window.

Other types of filters include a pick-list, where you can expand categories by selecting the "+" icon, and checking the boxes of the criteria you are looking for. If the pick-list has a text box above the section, you can type in the items you are looking for instead of having to search through all the options. 

Once  you find the company or companies you are looking for, you can expand the company profile by clicking on the arrow to the right. 

This will expand the company card and provide information such as company address, headquarter phone number, company description, and much more.

When reviewing the additional company details, there are a few sections that have search chips that are clickable. Clicking these chips will open a company search with that criteria. Technology products are in categories that you can expand to view the specific products that company uses. 

You can save the company you are interested in by clicking the check box to the left of the company and selecting “Save” in the top right. You will be charged one credit per company you save.

You can find this company again  later by clicking on “My Lists” in the left hand navigation and clicking  on the “My Companies” tab.

You can also find contacts at the company you are interested in by clicking the check box to the left of the company and selecting “Find Contacts” at the top of the page. This will open up the contact search, where you can further refine your search to find the contacts you are looking for.

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