Target Accounts

This features helps to find contacts within your target  accounts to better reach prospects that matter to you. You upload a list  of companies, ZoomInfo will find contacts at those specific companies  for you.

To get started, click on “Target Accounts” on  the left hand navigation menu. Next, select the “Upload a List of  Companies” button at the top.

This allows you to upload a list of companies from your computer or from “My Lists.” If you choose to upload a file from your computer, make sure it’s formatted as a .csv file. 

Once you have added your list, you will be prompted to name your list. This will default to use the original  list name and add “-TA” to the end, but you can change this at any time.  You can also add a description which may help you differentiate your  list later. 

Next, you will be prompted to map your columns.  Here you can map your fields to the corresponding ZoomInfo fields. You  must include at least one of the following fields: URL, Company Name, or  ZoomInfo Company ID. Please note that the fields are listed in order of  priority to provide you with the best match possible. Once complete,  click submit and ZoomInfo will then process your list and email you once  your list is ready.

Once your list is ready:

Once  ready, you will see your most recent target account list at the top. If  you are having trouble finding your list, you can also use the “Search  My List” field in the top right. 

Once your Target Account list is ready,  you will be able to open your list by clicking on the list name. This  will open up a list of contacts that work at the companies within your  target accounts. You can narrow the list of contacts within your target  accounts by using the filter tools on the left. You can view contact information by selecting email/phone icon.

To export all contacts within your Target Account list, click the export button at the  top. Please note that you can only export a max of 500,000 contacts and each contact is worth one credit. 

Once you select export, you will be able name the export, provide a description, automatically suppress against contacts you have purchased within the last 6 months, and include a preview file


If you are looking for additional tools, select the advanced button and you will have the following options:

Ability to upload additional suppression lists

Limit your lists

Choose fields from the original upload to keep on the export

You will receive an email when you list is ready and will see the status under Target Accounts of the export.

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