The Enhance tool allows you to fill in missing information within your data with ZoomInfo data. To get started, click “Enhance” in the left hand navigation bar and then click the “Upload a list” button.

 Here you can  choose to upload a list from your computer as a .csv file, or choose a list from “My lists.” If you choose from “My Lists,” you can find the list you are looking for by scrolling through your list, or search using  the “Search My Lists” box in the top right. 

You can choose to name your list, add a description, and if you want a person or company enhance. 

Then, map your fields to the ZoomInfo fields. To learn more on mapping your fields, click here: http://help.ZoomInfo.com/18576-getting-started-with-enhance/161922-map-file-columns?from_search=17413868

Once  your mapping is completed, you have the option to filter the records  that are included in your Enhanced file. You can filter by email, direct  phone, job title, company name, industry, revenue, and employee. You  must choose at least one field.

Once you a finished with the desired settings, select "Submit" and you will receive an email when the file is finished processing. 

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