Enhance Preview

Once your file is processed you can view the Enhance Preview. Click on the file you wish to view a preview for. 

The Enhance Preview shows you a breakdown of how much your data has been enhanced using ZoomInfo’s data.

Data quality score: A before and after score assigned to your original file and your new files based on correctness of fields, completeness of  fields, consistency across fields for machine consumption, currency of data available, and coverage of data available.

Input Data Quality: Shows what ZoomInfo was able to match from your original file, based on person match, company match, as well as any duplicates found, junk, and any data ZoomInfo does not have a match for.

Input Email Quality: Shows the percentage of emails ZoomInfo was able to verify. This is broken down by verified, unverified, bounced, and personal emails found within your file.

Targeting: This section shows a more detailed breakdown of everything that was updated within your original file. These changes are displayed by color which mean something was added, corrected, normalized, confirmed, or unchanged.

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