Email templating

Email templating allows you to format emails within  ZoomInfo that you can then open within your email tool and send from  there. Within email templating, you have the ability to create tags, as well as set up tracking to see when your email is opened and the click rates within your email.

To get started, click “new  template in the top right. 

Here, you input the name of the template, the subject of your email as well as who will be CC’d. Then you can enter your message in the box below. 

You will notice that you can include tags within your email. These tags allow you to input unique fields that pertain to the specific recipient of your email. For example, if I want to make sure my email includes the recipient’s first name, I can go to the Tags dropdown and select First Name.  You can include many more tags from the dropdown throughout the email. 

You also have the option of previewing your email template. Selecting preview will open up an Outlook email showing you a sample of the fields. Once you complete your message, you can scroll to the bottom and click save.

You can then use this template when choose a contact from your list and click on the arrow next to the email icon in your contact. This will show a dropdown of all current email templates. 

Choose the template you would like from the dropdown and then it will open your email where you  will see your formatted email that you can then send to your contact.

The email that you see in the Bcc is so that we can enable the live tracking feature. 

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