Custom Mapping

To access custom mapping, make sure you are on the Admin tab from the left hand navigation, and then the integrations tab within that. Once there, you will need to make sure that Salesforce is connected. Select "manage" under Salesforce to access custom mapping.

Once you select Manage, Admins will have the ability to limit which Salesforce objects their users will be able to export to under the "General" tab.

Export Preferences Include:

Accounts, contacts and leads - Users within your organization can export to Salesforce as accounts, contacts, and leads

Contacts and leads - Users within your organization can only export to Salesforce as a contact or lead

Leads only - Users within your organization can only export to Salesforce as a lead

Next, you can set up your custom mapping by selecting the "Mapping" tab. Admins can adjust their mapping based on accounts, contacts, and leads. This mapping will apply to all users using ZoomInfo 2.0, as well as the ReachOut Chrome extension. 

Map ZoomInfo data to Salesforce Fields. Specify which ZoomInfo data points you would like returned and the Salesforce fields you would like them to write to. You can adjust the mapping for each object: Account, Leads, and Contacts.

A. Input Value or ZoomInfo Column: Input Value or ZoomInfo Column: Select which ZoomInfo data point you would like returned or provide a static value to be written.

B. Salesforce field: Select which Salesforce field you would like to write to.

C: Update Option:

    Complete if missing: When applied, this data point will only populate within blank (empty) fields. 

    Overwrite field: When applied, the mapped Salesforce field will be overwritten by the ZoomInfo data regardless if                empty or not.  

You can also delete rows be clicking on the trash can icon to the right of each row.

After setting the mapping for each object, make sure to select "Verify and Save" at the bottom of the mapping page.

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