My Lists

My Lists is a tool which houses all of the lists you have uploaded or created using other tools within the platform.  From the “My Lists” view, you will see your list name, number of records, date your list was created, the description you gave your list (blank if there is no description), the tool you used to create your list (source), status, and actions.

You can sort your lists by date, or filter them based on the source

You will have different actions available to you dependent on the type of list. The example below shows your options for a list created via Contact Search

Within the My Lists tool, you will see My Contacts and My Companies. This is a new address book like feature to store any contacts or companies you have saved in the platform. You will be charged 1 credit per contact, and 1 credit per company to be saved under this section.

From here you can export to email, excel, or Salesforce, and you will not be charged an additional credit (as long as purchased within the last 6 months).

You can also filter your contacts on the same criteria available in Contact Search

The  “My Companies” tab will list all of the companies you have purchased  from company search. 

You can refine your company list using the search  tools to the left of the list. You can filter your companies by source  they were imported from. 

To find contacts at these companies, click the check box to the left of the  company and select “Find Contacts” at the top of the page. This will  open up the Contact Search.

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