Target Accounts

Whether you have a set list of accounts to go after or you're trying to find new personas/decision makers at accounts already in your CRM, Target Accounts gives you the ability to upload a list of companies and ZoomInfo will provide all of the contacts that we have at those matched companies. You'll also have searching capabilities within Target Accounts to fine tune your search to find the right people.

Uploading a File

  1. Click on “Target Accounts” on the left-hand navigation menu. Next, select the “Upload a List of Companies” button at the top of the page.

  2. You can choose to upload a list or select from My Lists.
    Note: When uploading a list, it must be in a CSV format
  3. This default name will use the original list name and add “-TA” to the end, but you can change the name of this list and add a description.
  4. You must map your file fields (column headers) to the corresponding ZoomInfo fields before processing.  A minimum of two fields must be mapped to complete this step unless you map Company Name, URL, or Zoom Company ID - these can be mapped alone.
    Pro Tip: for better match rates, include URL's on all files!

  5. Select 'Submit' and your file will begin processing. Once processed, you'll receive an email notification.

Viewing Match Lists

Once ready, you will see your most recent target account list at the top. If you are having trouble finding your list, you can also use the “Search My List” field in the top right. 

To view the list:

  1. Open the list by clicking on the list name
  2. At the top right, you'll see the number of Contacts matched and the number of Companies matched
  3. To group results by the companies that were matched to simply click the box next to Group by Company.

Exporting Lists

Once you select export, you will be able name the export, provide a description, automatically suppress against contacts you have purchased within the last 6 months, and include a preview file


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