Tagging is a way to label contacts and companies, allowing you to organize and keep track of prospects more efficiently within ZoomInfo. This feature is currently available in Contact Search, Company Search, My Contacts and My Companies.  
Note: Company and Person profiles each have their own set of tags.  You can access your "Person" tags in Contact Search and My Contacts, and your "Company" tags in My Contacts and My Companies.

Creating & Managing Tags

  1. To create a tag, click on the "Tag" button on the top navigation panel, and click "Create New."

  2. Name your tag anything you wish (as long as it's under 45 characters) and select 'Add'.
    Note: If you have contacts selected, and wish to apply a new tag to them, make sure to select the new tag and click "Apply" in order to tag them.
  3. Once tags are created, you can edit the name or delete the tag entirely by selecting 'Manage Tag List'.


Tagging Contacts or Companies 

  1. Check the box to the left of the profiles you would like to tag
  2. Click the "Tag" button on the top navigation panel, 
  3. Select the tag(s) you would like to add and click "Apply"

Once you have added a tag to a profile, a "Tagged" indication appears on the profile to let you know that it has been tagged.

Untagging Contacts/Companies

  1. Expand the contact/company card to see the tags that are applied
  2. Select the 'x' next to the tag(s) that you wish to remove for this specific contact/company.

Finding Tagged Profiles

  1. Go to Open Search in Contact Search, Company Search, My Contacts, & My Companies.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the filter options and expand the Tags filter.
  3. When you select a tag it will be applied as a search filter, bringing back all of those profiles that have that specific tag applied.
    Note: you can add multiple tags as filters and even add additional search filters to further target within these contacts that you've already identified.

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