The following documentation covers all aspects of the ZoomInfo Partner API. If you have questions, please email partnerAPI@zoominfo.com

1. Partner API Overview

ZoomInfo provides advanced search capability focused on people, companies, and their relationships. The ZoomInfo Partner API allows you to integrate ZoomInfo functionality and data into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MA tool (Marketing Automation), or other data system (cloud-based tools).

ZoomInfo data is extracted, analyzed, and verified to provide accurate information. To access the information, API web service calls are made via HTTP requests which provide access to information via queries. Data on people and companies can then flow into your CRM to be used in your organization.

Web Services and HTTP Requests

The ZoomInfo Partner API is a set of web services that provide access to information via HTTP requests. ZoomInfo Partner API requests, or calls, are made through properly formed URLs. The URLs are created manually or programmatically. There are several parts to the URL that need to be composed correctly in order for the request to succeed and return data. The remainder of this section provides an overview of the ZoomInfo Partner API and the types of data that it returns.

API Query Types

ZoomInfo's Partner API consists of several query types that provide search functionality and easy access to data for people and companies to help you identify and qualify prospects for your B2B marketing campaigns and sales activities. These query types are described below.

Person Search
Returns a list of people from ZoomInfo's data who meet the search criteria.
Person Detail
Returns detail data for a single person including name, current position, management level, past position, education history, contact information, web references, etc.
Person Match
Finds one or more people in ZoomInfo's data who are the same as, or match, the person represented by the input data.
Enhanced Person Match Finds one or more people in ZoomInfo's data who are the same as, or match, the person represented by the input data. Also returns data analysis output elements consisting of qualityMetrics01, computedTitle, and normalizedValues01.

Person Match Existence
Finds if one or more people exist in ZoomInfo's data who are the same as, or match, the person represented by the input data.
Company Search
Returns a list of companies from ZoomInfo's data which meet the search criteria.
Company Detail
Returns detail data for a single company including company name, ticker, contact information, industries, description, key people, etc.
Company Match
Finds one or more companies in ZoomInfo's data which are the same as, or match, the company represented by the input data.
Usage Query
Provides remaining usage information and usage limits information for selected query types.
Class Codes
Returns a list of class codes that will allow you to check our current values for industries, countries, etc which could be used to build validation of API output results in your system.

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API Query Parameters

Each of the API queries in the previous table takes one or more query parameters that help identify the type of information that you are searching for. For example, when you want to perform a Person Search, you can specify an optional personTitle query parameter to narrow down your search to only those people who have a specific title. The number and type of query parameters, and whether they are required or optional, varies depending on the type of ZoomInfo Partner API query that you are using.

Search vs Match

ZoomInfo Partner API queries are named based on the type of search that they perform. Generally, it's either a search or a match.

  • Search refers to when a user specifies criteria, then gets results back.
  • Match refers to when the user already has some information, then wants to find that exact person or company in ZoomInfo's data and, if an exact match is found, get back additional information about that person or company. Match can also be used to verify if the information the user has is still valid.

So search is seeking information, while match is completing or validating information.

Authentication and Security

To provide secure access to ZoomInfo data and confidentiality for your activities, the ZoomInfo Partner API uses message authentication and encryption. We provide each partner with a Partner Password and a Partner Code (name) that is entered as part of each request to the ZoomInfo Partner API. The Partner Code and OAuth key (generated via your Partner Password) provide a means of authenticating partners' access to the web services that make up the ZoomInfo Partner API and provide access to ZoomInfo data. All ZoomInfo Partner API requests and responses are encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure partner confidentiality.

Data License Agreement with ZoomInfo

The type of ZoomInfo Partner API queries, the frequency with which you can issue them, the data elements returned, and the volume of data returned per query is dependent upon the scope of features as defined in the your Data License Agreement.

Supported Output Formats – XML or JSON

Results can be returned in XML (Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

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