Keep your B2B contacts up-to-date with an automatic monthly or quarterly list refresh. ZoomInfo notifies you when new contacts matching your target demographics are available and ready to be added to an existing list.

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Enrolling in EverFresh

Note: Only purchased lists are eligible for Everfresh notifications.

  • Notifications for new lists: Once you purchase a new list within ZoomInfo, a pop-up for Everfresh will appear. From the pop-up menu, you can choose to set up “Monthly” or “Quarterly” notifications. You may also select “None” if you do not wish to receive notifications. Hit “Submit” to save your preference.
  • Notifications for lists created prior to Sept 2nd 2015: Sign into your ZoomInfo account and go to the “My Lists” page. Click on the gear icon next to the list you wish to use. Navigate to “Everfresh settings.” A pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to select how often you would like to refresh your list. Hit “Submit” to save your preference.

You may edit the frequency of your notifications at any time by clicking on the gray leaf icon next to a list and choosing a new preference for updates. You may also click on the gear icon and navigate to “Everfresh settings” to make changes.

Redeeming New Contacts

When a list has new contacts available, its leaf icon will turn green. Click on the leaf and a pop-up will appear letting you know how many new contacts, matching your specified criteria, have been found since your last refresh.

To purchase the new contacts and add them to your list, hit the “Redeem” button.

Downloading Lists

To download a list after the new contacts have been added, click on the gear icon and navigate to “Download.” Then choose “Net New Only” (just your new contact records) or” All Records with Net New” (all contact records with net new included). When you are finished, hit the “Download” button. Your list should begin downloading immediately.

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