In My Lists, you can view details about your lists and click to download the file as a CSV spreadsheet. Any files associated with your account will be displayed by creation date, with the most recently-created files displayed at the top of the list. Each column provides you with relevant information about the list.

My Lists Headers

List Name: The identifying name submitted at the time of upload. To change the list name, click on the gear icon and select “Rename.”

Records: The total number of rows in the file.

Created Date: The date the file was uploaded to your ZoomInfo account.

Everfresh Date: The last time a data file was refreshed with net new contacts.

Job Type: Each file processed by ZoomInfo is tagged according to the type of job performed with that list. For example, Enhance results are tagged as “Company Enhance” or “Person Enhance.” List Builder jobs are labeled as “Build.” Match files and Suppression filed are labeled as “Customer Uploaded.”

Sorting Lists

You can change the way your lists are sorted by clicking on the arrows next to each column header.

Clicking on “List Name” will allow you to sort your lists alphabetically. Clicking “Created Date” allows you to display lists from either newest to oldest or oldest to newest, depending on your needs and preferences.“Everfresh Date” operates the same way as “Created Date.” “Job Type” groups lists with similar jobs. For example, all List Builder lists will appear together.


Import Button: The My Lists import button allows you to import data directly from Salesforce, or to upload a local file to My Lists. Coming soon is the ability to import data directly from your marketing automation system.

Data Integrations: A feature of "Import" that allows you to leverage supported applications within your ZoomInfo environment. For detailed instructions on how to use Data Integrations for Salesforce, please refer to our training guide, or to the Bulk Data Transfer Section located under Salesforce in the Knowledge Center.

Redeem Button: If the list has not been purchased or redeemed, you will see an orange “Redeem” button on the far right of the My Lists page. You can redeem pre-purchased ZoomInfo credits to unlock the list for download, or contact the ZoomInfo Sales team to purchase additional credits at 866.904.9666.

Purchased: If the list has already been purchased or redeemed, you will see “Purchased” in the far right column of My Lists.

Gear Dropdown Menu: Clicking on the gear icon reveals several actions you can perform with your list.

  • Rename: Allows you to edit the name of your list
  • Open in List Builder: Allows you to easily create a new list using the same match and suppression files, where modifying the criteria is quicker than building a new list from scratch
  • Open in Enhance: Allows you to see an analysis of the file where ZoomInfo was able to fill in the blanks in your data. You can see any filters applied and view a preview of the list’s contents
  • Open in Insights: Allows you to learn more about your data, identify your buyer personas and replicate your success with additional contacts
  • Get More in Pro/Connect: Allows you to find more contacts using the same criteria
  • Remove: Will permanently delete the file from your account. This action cannot be undone so be sure to only delete files that are not redeemed or have been saved elsewhere
  • Add/Remove Labels: Allows you to create and add a label to a particular list or to remove an existing label
  • Preview File: Allows you to preview the information in a list including a contacts’ first name, last name, job title, industry, whether ZoomInfo has a direct phone number or email address, location, etc. For company lists you can see company name, address, phone number, and more


Within My Lists, you have the ability to search for files by name. The search bar is located in the blue column on the left-hand side of your screen. Simply type in the name of the list you wish to retrieve and My Lists will filter the results for you.


    Status Filters:
  • Processing
  • Purchased
  • Ready to Redeem

Job Type Filters

  • Build
  • Company Enhance
  • Company Search Export
  • Customer Uploaded
  • Data Import
  • Insights
  • Person Enhance
  • Person Search Export

Date Created Filter: Allows you to search for lists created during a specific time frame.

Stacking Filters

My Lists allows you to set more than one filter at a time. For example, you could filter results to include only Build lists that are ready to redeem. There is no limit to the number of filters you can stack.


My Lists allows you to create labels to group and easily filter your lists. Click “Create Label,” located on the far left-hand side of your screen, to create a new label. To add a list to that label, click on the gear icon associated with a particular list and then select “Add/Remove label.” Check the box for the appropriate label in the pop-up menu. To delete or edit labels you have already created, click “Manage Labels.”

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