How to Use ReachOut

Getting Started

To begin using ReachOut, click on the ReachOut logo in your toolbar.


If this is the first time you have opened the ReachOut application, you will be presented with a video tutorial. To bypass this and log in, click “Login” at the top of the page or click the “Skip” button.


Enter your credentials when prompted. If you do not already have a ReachOut account, click “Sign up” to create one.


You are now ready to begin using ReachOut.

Finding Contact Data

Go to LinkedIn and navigate to any profile. Then click the ZoomInfo logo in your toolbar.


Reachout will then display the person’s profile picture with masked contact information.


Click “Get Contact Info” to reveal a phone number and email address. Please note, if we do not have a direct phone number for your contact, we will display (HQ), indicating the number belongs to the company headquarters.

You may now choose to email the contact information to yourself as an electronic business card, or, you can export the contact directly to Salesforce as a new lead. Each action will deduct one credit from your account.


Exporting to Salesforce

To export to Salesforce, click on the “Salesforce” button located under the words “Export to:.” If you have not already connected your Salesforce account to ZoomInfo, you will be prompted to enter your Salesforce credentials and security token. You must then go back to the ReachOut tool, click “Get Contact Info” again and then click “Salesforce” to complete the export.

If you have already connected your Salesforce account, the export will launch upon the click of the “Salesforce” button and you will receive a message letting you know the action was successful.

Note: if you are not prompted to log in to Salesforce, but you would like to access the login screen, delete the cookies in your browser.

Salesforce Tips:Leads exported from ReachOut will follow the lead routing established within your Salesforce environment. You may want to consider adjusting your rules for leads with the source ZoomInfo depending on your established workflows. You should set up deduping within Salesforce to prevent duplicate leads from entering your system. This ensures the best user experience for ReachOut.

Converting Leads to Contacts:Contact information exported from ReachOut to Salesforce will enter your database as a new lead. To learn how to convert that lead to a contact, please refer to the Salesforce help center articleon this topic.

Exporting as an Email Contact Card


To export a contact as an email contact card, click the “Email” button located under the words, “Export to:.” This allows you to export the contact as a VCF file (electronic business card). Even if you do not have an Outlook email account, you can still use this export option as a way to email yourself the contact. After clicking the “Email” button, the contact will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Person Details (Company Information)


ReachOut also provides information about the company where your contacts work. At a glance, you can view company size, revenue, industry, and a brief description. For more information, click “Full Company Info.” This will open a new page inside ZoomInfo Pro displaying the company’s profile.

Getting Company Information

In addition to viewing contacts on Linkedin, you can also use ReachOut to view information about companies while browsing their website. To do this, simply visit a website and click the ZoomInfo logo in your toolbar.


If you would like to view more information, click on the green “Full Company Info” button. This will open a new page inside of ZoomInfo Pro displaying the full company profile.

If you would like to search for a specific type of employee who works for that company, type in the contact’s job title into the box next to “Job title” at the bottom of ReachOut. Then click on the green Search button. This will open a new page inside of ZoomInfo Pro with the results of your search.

Exporting Company Info to Salesforce

export company info.png

You can also export export the company profile to Salesforce. To do that, click on the “Export data to Salesforce” button at the bottom of ReachOut. If you are not already connected to Salesforce, you will be prompted to enter your Salesforce credentials and security token. After clicking on “Export data to Salesforce” you will receive a message letting you know that the export was successful.

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