September 2018 Product News

We are constantly working on big and small improvements to our platform. We've have been getting a ton of feedback from our customers and are focused on optimizing your workflow within ZoomInfo. Keep reading to see some of these improvements!

HubSpot custom mapping & setting export preferences are now available in the Admin Portal! This new feature will enable you to control what data gets sent from ZoomInfo and where it goes once it's in your HubSpot environment. To learn more about how to set these up, visit our Setting up HubSpot article.

We added the functionality to export to integrations directly from Target Accounts - making it even easier to find ideal contacts at identified companies and storing them in the systems that you live in.

We separated Information Technology from the Engineering & Technical category under Job Functions.

Do you have any suggestions and/or feedback that you'd like to give? Feel free to reach out to to tell us!

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