April 2018 Product News

We are constantly working on big and small improvements to our platform. We've have been getting a ton of feedback from our customers and are focused on optimizing your workflow within ZoomInfo. Keep reading to see some of these improvements!

Importing Contacts from Salesforce into ZoomInfo is a great tool that will help you identify net new prospects from the companies and contact that you own in Salesforce. 

To get started, go to My Lists > My Contacts, then you will see an Import button. 


Once you select Import you will be prompted to select what you would like to import from Salesforce and how often. 

Exporting to Hubspot is now live! We are always looking to add additional integrations and continue to work where you work!

A new Admin feature was released this month - the ability to set idle session timeouts that can be configured to meet your security needs.

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