Company Search

Company Search allows you to identify new companies in your target market. Our filter options range from pick lists to open text search fields, giving you the flexibility you need to find the right companies to go after. Once you've identified the right companies you can easily find all of the contacts ZoomInfo has information on so you can start reaching out to decision makers.

Search Strings

Entering Search CriteriaDepending on the search criteria, our filters include open text fields, pick lists or a text field that brings you to predefined results based on what you enter. Whether you select from a pick list or type in the open text field and hit enter or tab these will now show as filter chips at the top of the results page, making it easy to see a breadcrumb trail of what criteria are already applied to help keep yourself organized and make editing the query simple. To remove search criteria simply click the 'X' for the filter you want to remove. If you want to remove your entire search string click 'Clear'.

Building Search Strings: The need for Boolean strings have been replaced with the ability to add multiple options within the same search category. For instance, if you want to pull back results for multiple companies simply enter the companies as individual search criteria.

Boolean Logic: Great news, you can still use boolean logic in the open text search fields! AND, OR, & NOT can be used in Company Name and Industry Keywords. If you don't want to type a long search string but have multiple keywords you need to remove, you can also use NOT
'keyword' as individual search criteria.

Pro Tip: Searching for multiple criteria in the same search category (2 industries) we'll automatically use an "or" between the criteria, whereas searching for criteria in different search categories (industry and location) we'll automatically use an "and" between the criteria. 

Filter Options

Company Name/URL/Ticker: Use the open text field to type in Company names, URL's, or Tickers.
Pro Tip: If you’re getting results back across multiple companies, try a search using the company URL as these are our unique identifiers. There are lots of companies with Apple in their name but only one

Industry: There are multiple ways to search within the Industry section. You can use our pick lists to select the appropriate industry classifications you wish to target. Clicking on a '+' will drill down into the industry, allowing you to select the full industry classification or a specific vertical within it.

Don’t see your target industry in our picklists? Try using the open text search box. You can search for keywords and/or phrases in company descriptions as well as products and/or services offered to find niche industries.

Location: You can search for companies globally, across States, Metro Regions, or ZIP Codes. If searching for a state/country or metro region, use our pick lists provided. If searching for a ZIP code simply type it into the search box and select the radius around that ZIP code you want us to search for.

Technology Products: We utilize Datanyze technographic information that is searchable within this filter. Technologies are used at the company level and you can find technologies by simply typing in the ‘Search technologies’ and see our options based on your text appear in real time. Not sure of the name of the product but know a vendor you want to look for? Use the "Explore..." link to search by Category, Vendor, or Product.

When you search for multiple technology products our default query will return results that use any of the products. To require that the results utilize all of the technology products, simply switch the toggle from Any to All.

Revenue & Employees: Search by revenue or employees by using the sliders. You can drag the minimum or maximum to your desired target.

More Company Filters: You can search by a specific company attribute, ranking (i.e. Fortune 100, 500), NAICS or SIC codes, or company type (i.e. Nonprofit or Government). Using our Company Attributes allows you to search using non-typical criteria such as 100+ sales reps or 25+ locations. We have a set list of attributes that we've created for you to utilize in searches, see our full list here.
Note: You can search for multiple attributes, codes, or company types and we'll return results that include ANY of the applied search criteria.

Tags: Apply customized labels to companies and use them as a separate filter to pull back the list and be able to fine tune it further with additional filters.

Viewing Company Cards

Company cards provide the necessary information to understand if a company is located in your target market and a good fit for your products and/or services. We refer to company cards as the collapsed and expanded views of the company profile.

When search results come back, you'll see the collapsed view of all companies that fit your search requirements. The collapsed view shows the beginning of the company description, industries, employees, revenue, and the company website.

To see the expanded company card, simply click the down arrow in the bottom right of the collapsed view. Once expanded, you'll see more firmographic information in the following tabs:
Overview, People, Technologies, News, Location & Hierarchy, Funding, and Competitors. Simply click on the tab to easily see that information about the company.

Exporting Company Information

There are several ways to export your ideal companies out of ZoomInfo.

Exporting to Excel

  1. Select the companies you wish to export by individually checking the box to the left of their collapsed contact card or selecting the entire page of companies. 
  2. Select Export from the top navigation bar and Excel from the drop down.
  3. The Export window will have 3 tabs to allow you to fill in additional information before exporting the list. 
    1. The General tab allows you to name your list, select whether you want only the selected contacts or all of the results included in the list, and whether to include a preview file or not.
      Note: Exclude My Contacts is already selected to suppress out any contacts that you've exported within the last 6 months.

    2. The Suppression and Limits tabs allow you to upload suppression lists and place limits on the results that will be on your exported file. 
    3. To navigate to the next tab simply click on the tab name at the top of the page.
    4. Select Export when finished.
      Note: Excel exports cannot exceed 500,000 records.

  4. Once the list is ready for download you'll receive an email notification from us. The list can be found in My Lists where you can either preview the file or redeem your list.

Exporting to External Systems

  1. Select the individual records you wish to export.
  2. Click Export on the top navigation bar and select the integration you want the information to go to.

  3. Whether the record is exported successfully or a duplicate is detected and therfore not exported you'll receive a notification at the bottom of the page.

To learn more about each of our integrations, including record export limitations and duplication detection, visit our Exporting to Integrations page!

Exporting to Email

  1. Select the records you wish to export.
  2. Click on Export in the top navigation bar and select Email.
  3. You'll be asked to confirm that you'd like to use data credits for these records and a successful message will temporarily show at the bottom of the page.
  4. The records will be sent to your email with the ability to add them to your address book.

Finding Contacts at Companies

  1. To find contacts at individual companies, simply select the companies that you want to find contacts at and select the 'Find Contacts' button in the top navigation bar.

  2. If you want to find contacts for all of the companies within your results, simply toggle to Contact Search and all of the applied search criteria will remain, pulling back only the contacts at the companies in these results.

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