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 Simplify prospecting with our Chrome Extension, ReachOut.

Enabling and Disabling ReachOut

ReachOut will be enabled on by default for the following sites:

Enabling ReachOut

To enable the ReachOut button on any domain outside of the default sites:

  1. Right-click anywhere on your Chrome browser
  2. Select "ZoomInfo - ReachOut" from the drop-down
  3. Click "Enable on this page"

  4. Or, click on the ZoomInfo icon in the browser toolbar in the top right

Note: Once you have enabled ReachOut on a page, the ReachOut button will be enabled on that domain moving forward.

Disabling ReachOut

If you would like to remove the ReachOut button, you may do so by simply clicking the 'X'.
Note: this removes the sidebar only from the domain that you're currently on.

ReachOut on LinkedIn

  1. Go to LinkedIn and then click the ZoomInfo button on your sidebar. 
  2. ReachOut will then display the person or company name with masked contact information.

3. Click "Phone" or "Email" to reveal a phone number and email address. Please note, if we do not have a direct phone number for your contact, we will display (HQ), indicating the number belongs to the company headquarters.

In addition to contact data, ReachOut also provides information about the company where your contacts work. At a glance, you can view company size, revenue, location, phone number, and a brief description. For more information, click the name of the company next to "About." ReachOut will expand to the 80% view, opening ZoomInfo 2.0 and will display the company profile, as well as other search terms and tools.

ReachOut on Corporate Websites

To use ReachOut to view information about companies while browsing their website, simply visit a website and click the ZoomInfo button on your sidebar.

Opening it to the 20% view will show information about the company, including who the account owner is if you have an external system connected with ZoomInfo.

If you are looking for more information related to the company, click on the company name. This will expand ReachOut to the 80% view, which will show the full company profile within ZoomInfo 2.0.

If you are looking to find contacts within the company, you can click on the number of employees by department, or search by Job Title. This will expand ReachOut to the 80% view, which will show a list of contacts at that company based on the department or job title you entered.


You can refine your search further by using the search filters on the left.

ReachOut with Integrations

You can also use ReachOut within your connected CRM/Marketing & Sales Automation systems. By pulling up an account, you can easily search for contacts using ReachOut by utilizing the Employees by Department or Search by Job Title within the 20% view, or simply expand to 80% and begin refining your search to find your ideal contacts.
Note: you can also use ReachOut on contact/lead/prospect/people to easily see if ZoomInfo has different contact information and push any new information to your system in a few clicks!

Field by Field updates

You can also use ReachOut to quickly confirm if the information you have on a contact or company is up to date or not. To do this: 

  1. While in your connected system, pull open ReachOut to the 20% View
  2. Click Export and then the integration option that you're currently in
    1. If the record is up to date you'll see a checkmark and a pop-up notifying you that you're up to date

    2. If the record is not up to date and we have different information, you can select the specific fields you'd like to update by checking the box next to the field(s) and clicking Update.

Tagging in ReachOut

You can tag identified contacts in the 20% view of ReachOut to later take action on.

To apply a new tag:

  1. Open the 20% view of ReachOut on a prospect's LinkedIn page
  2. Click Tag under Email
  3. Select the box next to the desired tag name and click apply or select create new to enter a new tag name.
    Note: tags that are already applied to this contact will already be checked off in this drop down

To view tags for a specific contact:

  1. Tags applied to a contact can be seen in the 20% view under their location
  2. Up to 3 rows of tags can be seen in this section. If there are more than 3 rows, click show all and this will open the contact in the 80% view, allowing you to expand their profile to see all tags applied to this contact.

To edit tags:

  1. Click 'Tag' in the 20% view
  2. Click 'Manage Tag List'
  3. Click on the 'Pencil' icon to edit the name of a specific tag

To delete tags:

  1. Select the 'x' in the tag label on the 20% view page that you want to remove
  2. Click 'Tag' in the 20% view
  3. Uncheck selected tag and click apply to remove.  

Exporting from ReachOut

  1. Click the Export button and select the system you want the data to be sent to
    1. If successful, you'll receive a notification at the bottom of the ReachOut panel
    2. If unsuccessful, you'll receive a duplicate detection message

You can export the following objects from ReachOut:

HubSpot: contacts and companies
Microsoft Dynamics: leads and accounts
Outreach: prospects and accounts
SalesLoft: people and accounts
Salesforce: leads, contacts, and accounts

Note: When exporting contacts to Salesforce, Outreach, & SalesLoft, ReachOut will ask to confirm the account. If an account does not populate in the list that matches the account the contact should belong to, you can decide to search for one or create a new account. When choosing to Create a New Account, you will be charged two credits, one for creating a new account as well as one for exporting a contact. 

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