Saving & Stacking Searches

Saving a Search

Saved Search allows you to save the search criteria used to build your list. If you are often searching using the same criteria, this will help you save time in your day. You can use this functionality in Contact Search, Company Search, Target Accounts, My Contacts, and My Companies.
Note: saving searches does not save the search results just the search criteria that have been applied.

  1. Enter your search criteria using the filter options in Open Search
  2. Once you have entered all of your desired criteria, click Save Search, located above the search panel to the left of your number of results

  3. Enter a name for the search and include an optional description.

Opening a Saved Search

From Open Search:

  1. Click Open Search & select Saved Searches

  2. Click on the name of the saved search you would like to open, and the respective filters will be applied to your results automatically

From Home Page:

    Select a Saved Search under My Activity, and a search will automatically run

Favoriting Saved Searches

Favoriting saved searches allows you to prioritize your list of saved searches. You can favorite up to 3 searches and these will show up at the top/front of any Saved Searches list in the platform, including in the Saved Search popup, the Homepage, and the Contact/Company Search empty states. To favorite a search,

  1. Open your list of saved searches by clicking on Open Search and then Saved Searches
  2. To set a saved search as a favorite, simply click on the star under the Favorite column

Editing Saved Searches

  1. Open the saved search (or begin building a brand new search)
  2. Remove/add filter criteria as needed
  3. Click Saved Search
  4. Select the 'Replace Existing Search' option and choose the saved search you want to replace using the drop down.

Deleting Saved Searches

  1. Navigate to Open Search and select Saved Searches
  2. Click the 3 horizontal dots under the Action column and select 'Delete Search'

Stacking Saved Searches

With our Stacked Search feature, you can build saved searches with different personas/filter sets and easily combine them into one export file. You can stack searches in Contact Search, Company Search, and Target Accounts.

  1. Click on Open Search and select Stacked Searches

  2. Check the box next to the saved searches you'd like to stack and select Export as Stacked Search in the top left corner.

  3. Within the export workflow, you'll be able to name your list, see the total number of results across the multiple saved searches, include a downloadable preview file, upload additional suppression lists to remove any duplicates, and place limits on the results.

  4. With Stacked Searches, you can also prioritize the results based on the saved search titles by the clicking on the search name and dragging them up or down within the list.

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