Advanced Mapping Capabilities (Admin Only)

You can set up advanced mapping for Employee Count, State, Country, Revenue, and Industry fields for our supported integrations. This allows you to select the format or create customized ranges for these specific fields.

  1. Click Advanced in the row of the field.

  2. For Country & State, you can select whether to use full names or abbreviations.

  3. For employees and revenue, you can select the exact number or create custom ranges.

  4. For industry, you can map the ZoomInfo industries in the drop down to specific industries within your system and click OK.
    Note: To select multiple ZoomInfo industries to map to the same industry in your system simply check all of the applicable ZoomInfo industries from the drop down.

  5. Click Verify and Save to apply these changes. When advanced mapping is set for a field, there will be a check mark next to Advanced.

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