Newsfeed Alerts

Now that you've subscribed to companies that you wish to follow, you can set up email notifications to automatically receive updates whenever ZoomInfo captures a new web article on a company that you subscribe to.

How to set up alerts:

I. When Subscribing to a Company

  1. Select the company(ies) and click Subscribe in the top navigation bar

  2. Email notifications are defaulted on for all categories

  3. To change these settings, click the toggle or select the specific category(ies) you wish to receive email notifications for using the pick list

  4. Select the frequency you wish to receive email notifications, you can choose daily or create a custom frequency.
    Note: Frequencies apply to all subscriptions

  5. Click Subscribe

II. To set up email alerts for companies you’re already subscribed to:

  1. Go to Newsfeed and click on the more actions icon for a specific company, then select Settings

  2. Toggle the email notifications on for that company & select your preferences

III. To turn email notifications off for all subscribed companies:

  1. Go to your Account Settings

  2. Navigate to the Alert Settings tab and select Reset Email Notifications

  3. Confirm that you'd like to turn off emails for all subscriptions

IV. To turn notifications off for a specific company that you’re subscribed to:

  1. Go to Newsfeed

  2. Select the More Actions button on the company you wish to turn notifications off for and select Settings

  3. Toggle the Email Notifications off

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