Technology Alerts

Technology alerts allow you to track and set up email notifications for any company that adds or drops a specific technology in real-time.

To access Technology Alerts, simply click on the Alerts icon in the left toolbar and then click on the Technology Alerts tab.

Your Technology Alerts dashboard will show all of the technologies that you are tracking with the lists of companies that have Added or Dropped that specific technology within the selected timeframe.

To change the date range that is being viewed, simply click on the calendars. Note: you cannot look further than 30 days back

To add a new technology to track, click New Technology

You can search for technologies by a specific category, vendor, or product by selecting from the picklists or typing in the search text fields. 

Once you have selected a Product, you can enable email notifications by checking the box. Then click Track.
Note: Emails will be sent daily as new companies add/drop the technology.

To find more information on a company that has added/dropped a technology that you track simply click the company name to open in Company Search.

Note: Companies that are grayed out we were not able to match to.

To stop tracking a technology click on the X in the upper right. 

To edit whether or not you receive email notifications for a technology you already track, simply click on the pencil icon and select/unselect the box to receive email notifications.

If you're trying to track a technology that we don't have listed, you can request a technology. To do this, click Request a Technology.

Confirm your Name & Email and enter the Technology Name & Technology URL. You can add additional information as needed by clicking Show More. Once the form is complete click Submit.

Once we've added the technology to begin tracking, you'll be notified via email. 

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