Suppression Lists

Suppression Lists are lists of contacts that you already have, whether it's previously purchased lists or a list you pulled from your database, that can be removed from your list building results within ZoomInfo. They can be uploaded in the Excel export workflows within Contact Search, Company Search, and Target Accounts to avoid re-purchasing contacts.

Suppression List Requirements

  1. File must be a CSV format, limit 200MB/5 million rows
    Pro Tip: If you're exporting your entire database into Excel and it's more than 1 million contacts, try splitting up the database into files with no more than 1 million contacts each as Excel has limitations that could cause formatting issues. For further information on these limitations, please visit Excel's specifications and limits article.

  2. First row of the document must contain column headers

  3. Maximum of 5 suppression lists can be added

  4. At least one of the following fields are required on your suppression list:
    Individual Contacts: Zoom Person ID or Email
    Contacts from companies: Zoom Company ID or URL 

Uploading Suppression Lists

  1. Conduct a search to find your ideal contacts/companies in Contact Search/Company Search/Target Accounts
  2. Once you've identified targets to export to a list, click Export in the top navigation bar and select Excel from the drop down
  3. Enter a name for your list and select the Suppression tab
    Note: Exclude My Contacts is a default setting and automatically suppresses all contacts that have been purchased from ZoomInfo within the last 6 months

  4. Suppression lists can be uploaded or selected from existing lists in My Lists

  5. Map your fields to the corresponding ZoomInfo fields and click 'Map'

  6. Your list will now be applied (to remove click the 'X') with the option to add and map additional suppression lists.

  7. Once all suppression lists are added, click Export - your final list size will be calculated and displayed in My Lists

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