ZoomInfo Advisor Community FAQ's

Does the Advisor Community provide customer support?

While we encourage you to submit feedback if you are experiencing technical issues with our product, the Advisor Community does not provide technical support to community members. Instead, you can contact our Support Team here or visit our Knowledge Center.

What are the ways I can provide feedback via the Advisor Community?

The Product Team currently engages with Advisor Community members through feedback surveys and remote, one-on-one feedback sessions, including:

  • Usability testing sessions
    • Usability testing offers a way for designers and developers to evaluate how easy it is for customers to use a given product or feature.  Participants are asked to complete a series of tasks using a web-based product or prototype, providing feedback as they go.  By observing where and how participants struggle with a given product and listening to their insights, stakeholders are able to improve the corresponding product design.

  • One-on-one interviews
    • We conduct interviews with customers on a variety of topics. These can range from how you use our product suite, to your day-to-day workflows, to open-ended conversations about how ZoomInfo can be more valuable.

How else can I provide feedback?

ZoomInfo is currently investigating in-app product feedback solutions.  In the meantime, if you ever have any feedback outside of these channels, please don’t hesitate to email us at userexperience@zoominfo.com or contact your Account Manager.

What is “think aloud protocol”?

When participating in a usability test, we ask that customers think out loud. This means that, when trying out a product, feature or prototype, usability testers keep a running monologue of their thoughts, impressions, and actions. This is critical for us to identify and understand any points of confusion.

Will we talk via phone? Web conference?

ZoomInfo normally conducts usability testing sessions and interviews remotely.  All one-on-one sessions are conducted via Zoom.us (web conferencing software).  We ask that all interviewees join the Zoom.us web conference room on time and that they are in a relatively quiet place with a strong internet connection during a session.  We usually ask that interviewees share their screens during the session.

With whom will I be speaking during one-on-one feedback sessions?

Customers will normally be interviewed by one of our researchers.  Other stakeholders may also sit in on the call and ask occasional questions.

Will I be recorded?

All interviews are recorded.  Clips of interviews are sometimes shared amongst ZoomInfo team-members in order to better understand pain points with our products.  No recordings or information therein will ever be shared with non-ZoomInfo employees, with the exception of confidential transcription services.

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